• About Almighty Lawn Care Cairns

  • Almighty Lawn Care was founded and built on the need for quality & affordable lawn care and gardening. there are 100's of lawn care companies in Cairns but very few offer a full lawn care service and even fewer have the actually experience to complete lawn maintenance programs or weed identification and controlled solutions without damaging the existing grass or gardens anyone can cut a lawn its not rocket science  but to have lush green weed free lawn or garden requires knowledge & testing. ask yourself this when was the last time your lawn care provider took a PH level test of your soil to see what's really required to get your lawn or garden back to life.

    we have been in the industry now for over 5 years and our core Business focus is on - Quality -  Reliability - Experience & building long and lasting relationships with our clients.

    our equipment is all commercial quality that cuts grass or shrubs cleanly not dully. the difference in equipment has a huge impact on your lawn or garden. cheap equipment does a cheap looking job and does more damage then good to your lawn or garden, so that's why we decided enough was enough. we can have the perfect lawn it just requires maintenance and knowledge & our team is fully qualified and experienced in all aspects of gardening & lawn care.

    call today to see the difference in the service you get from Almighty Lawn Care compared to your current provider.

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