• Garden Bags

  • Garden Bags Cairns.

    are you sick and tired of those unsightly palm prongs laying around the yard or having to take them to the tip all the time ?

    Almighty lawn Care offers a garden waste bag service to anyone, not just our regular lawn mowing clients. we don't charge anything for set up and you only pay when the bag is emptied, you can put any green waste you want in there from cuttings to leaves its cheaper then green waste removal or the effort of taking it to the tip and paying waste fees.

    The only thing we don't allow in our bags is grass clippings, rubbish, dirt or food scraps.

    we do allow a little bit of grass clippings mixed with green waste, that is ok but not full bags as the weight is to heavy and dangerous to our employees to move and the green waste is recycled and turned in to mulch it cant contain rubbish.

    there are no lock in contracts you can cancel your service anytime you like and we will come and collect the bag and remove the frame.

    its only $17 a month per collection or if you need 2 bags for large properties 2 bags is $30 a month.


    no lock in contracts - pay as you go - free set up - monthly service