• Lawn Top Dressing services Cairns

  • At Almighty Lawn Care your green lawn adventure begins with a beautiful lawn care maintenance progr

    am. Let us prepare an individual lawn care program with top dressing of organic soil to care for your turf. The old practise involved using sand, which is one of the worst things you can do to your lawn as all it does is add a layer of sand to your thatch build up in your grass root system and traps water between the soil and sand, with sand you will get a shorts term green grass boost but it will offer no nutritional value to your soil or grass and is not a long term solution or fix. We'll give your lawn the rite soil for your lawns requirement. uneven areas are treated differently to  lawn top dressing and requires a different soil then your organic top dressing treatment. 

    We rely on many years of experience of our team, forming a dense and lush green lawn every day not just short term solutions.

    To really help your lawn for the long term, and not just make it greener for a moment, our experienced and trained staff, will carry out a analysis Lawn inspection to suit your lawns individual requirements. This will give us information about the condition and status of your lawn and soil. During the whole process of renewal of your lawn, we will monitor its progress over the years and adapt different lawn care program as needed. Contact us for Lawn Top dressing Services today and other Gardening services cairns.



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